Beat Making Software DUBturbo – Is It for You?

Making your own beats or digital musical pieces can be more difficult than it sounds. The online beat makers that beginners often start with are generally lackluster in all the important technical aspects, limiting the creative freedom far too much to be of real use. The opposite end of this spectrum, the professional tools, are very powerful but can easily scare away any beginner due to the complexity of the software. Besides that, they are also prohibitively expensive.Thus, people look for the middle ground. For years, a popular pick has been the digital audio workstation software FL Studio (formerly known as FruityLoops). More recently, a powerful alternative named DUBturbo appeared on the market. Since then, a common question has been: So which is the better one?

A simple question with no simple answer. Among other things, it depends on you. Have you noticed that even though Google is the only search engine most people use (other search engines really cannot compete with its immense popularity), a lot of people still swear by, for example, Yahoo? Those individuals surely have really good reasons as to why it suits them better. Beat making software is no different. FL Studio may be the right choice for a large number of individuals, but that really doesn’t guarantee that it is the right choice for you. I would recommend downloading their demo-version before making the decision to buy.As for DUBturbo, no demo is available. However, they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee, should you be unhappy with the product. In other words, plenty of time to make a decision. During this time you will be able to participate in a community of other users and ask them for advice or inspiration. There is also a full video training course available that comes with your purchase.As for all the technical features and industry jargon that comes with it, I really won’t be focusing on that in this article. If you are looking to compare specifications, I recommend visiting the official site for the software you are interested in. Suffice to say you will not be limited in either DUBturbo or FL Studio. They are products meant to fit your needs for years, if you stick with it for that long.

If you were looking for a straight answer to which product you should purchase, I’m sorry if I disappointed you by telling you to decide for yourself. However, I feel that ultimately, it is your preferences that decide where your hard-earned money end up. The choice should be up to you.